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This site covers all aspects of Softball in Edinburgh, Scotland & the UK including independent tournaments such as the Edinburgh Festiball as well as being the main source of information about the Edinburgh Softball League.

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All the Final League tables from 2000 - 2012 are now in the "Historical Tables" pages

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2015 Season starts Monday 27th April ...

The 1st half of the games are already up...

Cup Games will be on the w/b 15th June

2nd part of the seasons games will start on the w/b 22nd June

We have 1 space in D1 for a new team.

ESL Facebook Page is ...

ESL Facebook

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BSF - British Softball Federation
The Governing body of Softball in the UK

BSF - British Softball Federation

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2013 Non-Approved Bats

The ASA regulations governing banned bats, which are followed in Britain and Europe, have been revamped for the 2010 season.

While there are now fewer bats on the ASA banned bat list, there are actually more bats banned overall. This is because all bats manufactured before 2000 are now non-approved, full stop. The reason is that many bats tend to become more potent as they age, due to fibres breaking down and becoming more elastic. So many older bats that passed performance tests when manufactured would not do so now.

However, the determination of whether a bat is approved or non-approved is now much simpler. To be legal, a bat must:

  • Have an ASA 2000 or ASA 2004 stamp.

  • Not appear on the ASA non-approved bat list.
These are the criteria that the BSF and ESF will use this year in judging whether bats can be used in BSF-sanctioned and ESF competition.

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